Volterra Accelerates Platform for Highly Distributed Data and Applications with the addition of Acorus Networks 

“Acorus Networks is an edge security company that delivers services using his global points of presence and a private backbone. Acorus Networks’ high performance network and security services enable enterprises to deliver a best-in-class customer experience for applications and APIs across hybrid cloud environments. Integrating Acorus Networks with Volterra will enable us to expand our infrastructure footprint and software services. Our valued customers will continue to benefit from existing products and get access to new multi-cloud and edge features at a bigger scale,” said Raphael Maunier and Benjamin Schilz, Acorus Networks co-founders. Read the full press release 

To keep your infrastructure always on

is crucial for your business

Acorus Networks protects you and

gives you visibility to your threats

to counter them effectively


DDoS attacks per day

in average worldwide


IT security decision makers indicated they have been attacked more than once

30 Gbps

Average bandwidth of a volumetric attack in 2018


Average direct loss per hour due to a DDoS attack


In an always more open and connected world,

Internet attacks are more and more frequent and within the reach of all.
The stakes for tomorrow are for everyone to be capable of protecting effectively its image, its business and its data.


To guarantee a high availability of the infrastructure of our customers by protecting them against more and more sophisticated attacks of denial of service.


Every company or organization whatever its size is a potential target to be attacked since it uses the Internet for its image or its business.

Our solutions

Acorus Cloud Protect
Acorus Transit Protect

Solution based on a robust reverse proxy architecture, hosted and managed by Acorus Networks, to protect your http/https Web sites effectively against multi-vectors and volumetric attacks.

IP Transit service

(from 100Mbps of Internet bandwidth to 100Gbps), protected by access lists on IP prefixes, protocols and ports and authorized by the customer, via portal commands and API's.

Acorus Infra Protect

Intelligent mitigation solution of network and application traffic, managed by Acorus Networks on its own secure and high capacity infrastructure, to protect automatically your Internet connections against DDoS attacks.


Visibility and control

of your threats

A customized portal allows you to observe in real time your legitimate traffic and 

apply actions manually or automatically to counter

DDoS attacks.

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